Take the healthy life approach that yoga provides and offer it to kids in a way that is interesting, involving, and fun.
What is Zenergy? Using a completely unique approach that connects yoga with superpowers boys and girls love, Zenergy® empowers kids physically and mentally.They're not just stretching — they're gaining "shape-shifting powers." They're not just focusing — they're becoming "Mindbenders." And they're not just breathing — they're becoming "Time Freezers" who can remain calm in stressful situations. Most important, Zenergy meets a need to provide kids with fun that's safe, beneficial and empowering. Whether they're in the classroom, on the playground or at home, Zenergy helps kids learn to tap their potential and do what they love to do — only better than ever.
How does it work? Zenergy® incorporates public school physical-education standards by engaging and affecting every muscle in the body, safely stretching muscles and extending range of motion, and building children's understanding of and appreciation for how their bodies work as a whole. Each class uses a game wheel, games, themes, props and superhero pose cards to communicate yoga poses and life goals in ways kids understand and can use in their daily lives.
With Zenergy®, kids gain resources they can use every day — inside and outside the classroom. It not only strengthens bodies and encourages healthy choices, it builds the self-confidence and self-esteem that lead to those special words anyone involved with children loves to hear: "I can do it!" Zenergy helps kids see their potential as their personal superpowers. We wrap up focus, exercise, and life values in high-energy fun, so kids tune in — not out. Each Zenergy class introduces a theme such as honesty, kindness, acceptance,
courage, or community to show kids how their behavior makes them superheroes every day. The ZenergyCode of Conduct encourages kids to take pride in owning their actions and behaving responsibly. The Code is simple and clear: HAVE FUN. FOCUS with your body, mind, and eyes. BE SAFE on the inside and the outside. We've streamlined Zenergy so it's ready to use and easy to start up. We not only train the staff to instruct students — we also teach them how to run the program on an ongoing basis.

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Infusion Wellness was founded in 2001 with the goal of making wellness more accessible by bringing the benefits of yoga to people of all ages and all walks of life. Infusion Wellness makes health an inherent part of life by bringing together mind, body and spirit. Our programs are designed to be held in an open and nurturing environment
that includes all experience levels without judgment. Our programs are intended to enthuse the students through uplifting energy that connects mind and body. Our programs provide benefits that extend outside the class and gradually infuse into their everyday life.

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